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What's your Zodiac Sign's Most Toxic Trait?

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Toxins may run in our blood, but that doesn't mean we have to keep spreading them. I pray that we are able to acknowledge it, grow from the experience, and consciously avoid repeating it.


The fiery, forthright nature that makes an Aries so interesting can also make them a source of worry for those around them, if not a full-fledged emotional bomber.


At their lowest frequency, Taureans, who are ruled by the second house of values and belongings, can be insensitive to the suffering of others and focused solely on their own wants and needs.


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People born under the sign of Gemini are constantly buzzing with new ideas, conversation topics, and tidbits of cultural knowledge because Mercury, the planet of communication, is their ruling planet.

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The moon and the feminine deity are associated with the Cancerian sign. It symbolizes the maternal character, which finds its highest expression in providing sustenance and comfort.


Because the sun is Leo's ruling planet, they are excellent at bringing public awareness to issues that are near and dear to them.


Those born under the Virgo star sign are naturally curious and observant. Repairing crown molding with this is a breeze.


Libras are always looking for peace, or at least the appearance of it. That's as tiring as it sounds. Easy to fall in love with and always charming


Scorpios have a deeper comprehension of power relations than anyone else. They are great administrators, promoters, pimps, and psychologists because they prefer to remain in the background.


Sagittarians are idealists who are drawn to philosophical pursuits and questions. A group of idealists with a strange moral code


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