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Top 5 Least Stressed States in the U.S.

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It's easy to generalize your own experience of extreme stress and assume that it's universal. However, many individuals have substantially lesser loads, which may be attributable to geographical factors.


One of the smallest states in the United States is now home to over six million people. The residents of Maryland have the fifth lowest stress levels of any state.

5. Maryland

This is even more impressive when one considers that Maryland is adjacent to West Virginia, which is ranked as the most stressed state in the nation.

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4. Alaska

Even though Alaska has the lowest population density of any state, residents don't appear to mind the lack of neighbors around them.

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3. Illinois

It has been found that people living in Alaska had a little higher level of stress than people living in Illinois. Positioned as the third-most laid-back state in the United States.


This may come as a surprise, given that Chicago was once considered one of the most stressful places to live in America. 

The Aloha State's picturesque beaches and verdant landscape are a major draw for vacationers from outside the state.

2. Hawaii

Permanent residents must be making out like bandits. Of Hawaii's population, only 10.7 percent regularly experience emotional anguish and 7.3 percent regularly experience physical distress.

South Dakota may not have as many people as some of the other states, but those who do call it home are happy.

1. South Dakota

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