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The signs of pets on their owners' birth charts. 

Astrology has long explained human behavior, but what about pets?  Pets often take on their owners' traits, therefore their astrological signs can reveal relationship issues.

Astrological Significance of Pet Ownership

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When attempting to determine the species of pet that would be best suited for the owner,  another element that might be taken into consideration is the owner's zodiac sign.


Sun sign compatibility can be quite important in the relationship between a pet and its owner.  A Scorpio pet, for example, may not be the ideal match for a sensitive Pisces owner. 

The Importance of Sun Sign Compatibility

Your pet's emotional needs and how they express themselves might be revealed by the Moon sign.  A Cancer Moon pet, for example, may be more caring and in need of emotional support than a Sagittarius Moon pet, who may be more independent and adventurous.

The Role of Moon Sign in Understanding Your Pet

The Rising sign, also known as the Ascendant, might reveal information about the pet's overall temperament and personality. 

How Rising Signs Impact Pet/Owner Dynamics

In astrology, Venus signifies love, affection, and pleasure, making it a significant aspect in the pet/owner connection.  Pets with strong Venus placements may be more affectionate and loving to their owners, whilst pets with weak Venus placements may be more independent.

The Significance of Venus in Pet/Owner Relationships

Mars in astrology indicates energy, aggression, and drive, and can provide insight into your pet's behavior.  A pet with a strong Mars placement is likely to be more active and high-energy, whilst a pet with a lesser Mars placement is likely to be more laid-back and relaxed.

The Importance of Mars in Understanding Pet Behavior

Jupiter in astrology indicates development, growth, and abundance, and might predict the type of pet that will offer you the most joy and abundance.  A Jupiter-ruled pet may bring abundance in the form of love, joy, and company.

How Jupiter Can Influence Pet/Owner Relationships

Saturn in astrology signifies structure, duty, and discipline, and can indicate the type of pet that will thrive in your care.  A pet with a high Saturn placement may need more structure and discipline, whereas a pet with a weaker Saturn placement may be more free-spirited and independent.

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