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Chocolate Choices for Each Zodiac Sign

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Chocolate, who doesn't? It's simple to see why it's everyone's favorite pleasure, from dark chocolates that go well with wine to childhood-style hot fudge brownie sundaes.


You're the fearless leader of the zodiac, and that confidence extends to your taste in cuisine. But even the tried-and-true can surprise you.

Aries: Mexican Hot Chocolate

The Taurean zodiac sign is known as the ultimate spender. You have exquisite taste and would never waste your money on second-rate goods.

Taurus: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

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Gemini: Chocolate Truffles

As Geminis, we crave novelty and change. This is because of your extroverted nature, active curiosity, and inability to make up your mind about anything.

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Cancer: Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

When it comes to eating, cancers are typically simple to please. You like things sweet and simple, and it certainly doesn't hurt if it reminds you of your childhood.


Crack up the shell and pour the hot chocolate sauce into the warm, fudgy middle. And don't forget to ask for a few extra spoons and a scoop of ice cream with this!

Leo: Chocolate Dome Dessert

Trends don't interest Virgos. You like simple, stylish things and have an eye for detail. Remove the fluff and nonsense—you like high-brow classics.

Virgo: Chocolate Mousse

The greatest way to characterize a Libra's taste is as extravagant and pricey. You have a penchant for flaunting your wealth at every available opportunity.

Libra: Chocolate Raspberry Torte

Scorpios are passionate and convoluted individuals. A sensual and playful element of your nature lies dormant beneath the cool exterior you present to the world.

Scorpio: Devil's Food Cake

It's common knowledge that Sagittarians like the finer things in life to an extreme. There's a vast unknown out there, and you want to see as much of it as you can.

Sagittarius: S'Mores

Even if you're a Capricorn, it doesn't mean you have to settle for a boring dessert. You imagine yourself to be the pioneering force. 

Capricorn: Chocolate Martini

If you're wanting to satiate your sweet taste, even a free spirit like yourself has to acknowledge that there's nothing better than a traditional chocolate dish. 

Aquarius: Chocolate Taco

The true romantics and dreamers among us are Pisces. You have your head in the clouds all the time, like the protagonist of a romantic tale.

Pisces: Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae

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