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Astrology and the Healing Power of Animals

By analyzing the horoscope of an animal,  animal behaviorists are better able to diagnose possible behavioral issues in their patients and develop effective treatment plans to address those issues.

By analyzing the horoscope of an animal,  animal behaviorists are able to identify potentially problematic behavioral conditions in their patients and develop effective therapy plans to address those conditions.

Astrology can help identify potential behavioral issues

Pet therapy has been demonstrated to help individuals cope with stress and anxiety,  and by understanding an animal's astrological profile, therapists can match them with clients who will benefit the most from their unique energy and temperament.

Pet therapy can help reduce stress and anxiety

The alignment of the planets is supposed to influence human behavior, but it can also influence animal behavior.  Astrology can assist pet therapists understand why an animal is acting a specific way and build a treatment plan appropriately.

The alignment of the planets can affect an animal's behavior

Pet therapists can select animals that are likely to have a favorable impact on the client's mental well-being and overall health by studying a client's astrological profile and that of potential therapy animals.

Astrology can be used to select the right therapy animal

Astrology can provide assistance to pet trainers in comprehending an animal's intrinsic tendencies and in adapting training methods to an animal's particular requirements as well as patterns of behavior.

Understanding an animal's astrological profile can aid in training

Pet therapists can discover potential health issues affecting an animal's behavior by evaluating its astrological chart and working with vets to design a treatment plan.

Astrology can help identify underlying health issues

Matching an animal's and its owner's zodiac signs can lead to a greater link between the two,  as they may have a better natural understanding of each other's energies and dispositions.

Matching zodiac signs can lead to stronger bonds

Pet therapists can suggest breeds that are likely to be a suitable match for an individual based on their unique personality traits and energy levels by studying their astrological profile.

Astrology can aid in selecting the right breed for an individual

Individuals can feel more connected to the universe and develop a better knowledge of their role in the world by adding astrology with pet therapy.

Pet therapy can help individuals feel more connected to the universe

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