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15 Friendliest Dog Breeds That Love Individuals

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These pups really want to be your best friend.

As a species, dogs tend to be very sociable. Dogs were domesticated for their own good because they had evolved to beg for food and shelter from humans thousands of years ago. However, while every dog has their own distinct character, some varieties, such pugs, Labrador retrievers, Boston terriers, and poodles, are known to be friendlier than others.

Here are 15 dog breeds known for their extreme sociability and eagerness to please their human companions.

No matter its breed, a dog that has been well socialised will likely be approachable to new people and animals. Make sure your dog is at ease in a variety of situations before taking him to the vet or bringing him to meet other dogs or people. Each of these scenarios can help the dog overcome its fears and develop social skills.

Features of the Breed

Dogs with a pleasant disposition are able to adjust to new circumstances and settings. They are not overly energetic all the time and are simple to teach new tricks to. When a dog is extremely excited, they become less attentive and more difficult to control, making it necessary to take immediate action. It’s great to have a dog that’s both active and playful, but they still need to learn their boundaries and how to play without getting too rough. A dog that is friendly will typically not show signs of fear or anxiety; instead, they will accept your calm energy or leadership in a given scenario and follow your direction.

The following 15 dog breeds are considered to be some of the most sociable of man’s greatest friends.

Labrador retrievers

Labrador retrievers are the epitome of friendliness thanks to their affable expressions, which include bright eyes and broad smiles. According to the American Kennel Club, this is most likely the reason why they have been the most popular dog breed in the United States for more than three decades. The Labrador Retriever was originally bred as a companion dog for fishermen and women, and later on for hunters. They have a lovely and carefree disposition, and they adore being in the company of other people. Nonetheless, due to their high level of activity, they must be vigorously exercised on a daily basis. You may keep your lab happy by taking him out for a run every day, challenging him to a game of fetch or Frisbee, or tossing a disc until he’s had enough; odds are, you’ll be exhausted before your lab is.

Golden retrievers

Golden retrievers, another breed that has maintained its position as one of the top five most popular breeds for decades, are known for exuding an air of friendliness when they interact with both people and other animals. Confidence has a role in this situation to some extent. Golden retrievers have a positive view on life, which allows them to easily navigate the world around them. In addition, a golden is generally always willing to sit or stay for an individual for as long as they desire. These dogs make fantastic additions to families since they are constantly eager to play with the children, whether it be a rousing game of tug-of-war or an intense round of fetch.


Beagles are an upbeat breed that actually takes pleasure in the company of its human companions. They have a moderate level of activity and enjoy going on long walks or playing games like fetch with their human companions. They are always up for having some fun and are content either to spend the day cuddling with the ones they care about the most or to spend some time wrestling with the younger members of the family. Due to the fact that this devoted breed was intended to accompany hunters in packs, beagles typically get along quite well with other canine companions. They should, however, be kept on a leash at all times when they are outside of the house or yard since they occasionally get caught up in following an exciting smell.

Cavalier King Charles spaniels

Since the beginning of time, companionship has been the major function of Cavalier King Charles spaniels. This has been the case throughout their whole history. These dogs have a deep-seated affection for their human companions, and as a result, they are quite demanding of attention and do not enjoy being left alone. But, a significant portion of that care can just consist of cuddling on the couch with your dog. This breed is well-suited for families with young children, other canine companions, and feline companions who are tolerant of canine companions. They are affectionate, kind, and gentle. Even though they are not the most athletic breed, they do enjoy playing fetch, running around the yard with the kids, or going for walks around the neighbourhood on a regular basis.


Pugs are small canines with strong personality despite their small size. These clever, devoted, and occasionally goofy pups adore spending time with the people they find most endearing snuggling up with them and playing with toys. They are friendly to both strange people and other dogs, and they get along swimmingly with children—so long as the children aren’t too rough with them. Nonetheless, it is simple to wound a pug’s feelings, so you shouldn’t be overly harsh with him or ignore him for an extended period of time. Although though pugs don’t require a lot of physical activity, it’s important to take them out for a walk and let them play every day to help keep their weight in check.

Boston terriers

The Boston Terrier is a friendly and goofy breed of dog that has earned the nick of “the American Gentleman.” They are always eager to meet new people, and once they do, you can count on them to be game for some good old-fashioned fun. They are also known to be versatile, which means they are comfortable in a variety of settings. Even if it isn’t enough to win you over, that goofy smile is guaranteed to do the trick. Keep an eye on things if play gets too rowdy; remember that despite his large personality, the Boston is a small dog. Children, other dogs, and cat-friendly dogs get along wonderfully with Boston terriers in general, but keep an eye on things if play gets too rowdy.

Irish setters

Irish setters are sociable dogs with carefree and rambunctious personalities that many people who love dogs find attractive. Most of them are great with children, other dogs, and even dog-friendly cats, which makes them ideal candidates for the role of family pet. The majority of these canines are ready to make friends with complete strangers, in addition to being extremely friendly and devoted to their own families. Yet, because this is a type of dog that is very active, if they allow their energy to build up too much, they may indulge in undesirable habits such as excessive barking or chewing. So, an Irish setter absolutely requires consistent exercise on a regular basis.

Border collies

Because they are widely regarded as the breed of dog with the highest intelligence, border collies require a significant amount of mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis in order to remain content and well-behaved. Yet, this breed is bred to satisfy. They have a strong connection with their owners, which enables them to do well in competitive dog sports like agility and flying disc, as well as flourish in general training and the acquisition of new feats. Nonetheless, it is essential to minimise a border collie’s desire to herd anything in sight, as this can cause them to nibble at people’s heels when they become frustrated. In addition, this high-energy dog needs a significant amount of daily physical activity.


If boxers were humans, the typical one would be the goofball who everyone makes fun of. Boxers are attention seekers and crave it. These friendly dogs have a strong desire to interact with other people, and the more positive attention you give them, the more affectionate they will be towards you in return. For this reason, boxers can be wonderful additions to households that already have youngsters. Yet, training is necessary in order to restrain their inclination to leap on humans out of excitement. You should make sure that your boxer gets plenty of exercise and playing on a regular basis because boxers are a very athletic breed of dog. This will help prevent destructive behaviours as well as excessive barking.

Staffordshire bull terriers

The enormous smiles of Staffordshire bull terriers, a breed that falls under the general category of pit bulls, are an immediate giveaway of their genuinely affable demeanour. They were once bred to be fighters, but these days they are more frequently seen to be lovers. They are exceptionally devoted to the people who raised them, which is, regrettably, one of the reasons why they were formerly so successful in the battle ring. But despite their intelligence and excellent disposition, these dogs have a surprising amount of patience, which often qualifies them as suitable companions for families. Nonetheless, they do need frequent attention and exercise, and they should be socialised from the time they are puppies to decrease the risk of their developing a tendency to be suspicious of other dogs.


The height of this gentle giant of a working dog could scare some people off, but the temperament of the Newfoundland is great for everyone, including children, other dogs, and cat-friendly pets. The Newfoundland is loving, patient, and gentle. These canines are devoted companions and friendly. Despite their enormous size, they do not possess a lot of vitality. They find that maintaining their fitness with regular walks and moderate exercise works well for them. It is also vital to instruct your Newfoundland from an early age not to leap up on people or become overly enthusiastic, as these behaviours are common in breeds that are of a gigantic size.


You probably already know that collies are intelligent, caring, and devoted canine companions because you’ve either read the novels about Lassie or seen the movies about her. They are outgoing, adore spending time in the fresh air with their family, and make the ideal companions for young children. As a herding dog, though, this breed is used to spending a lot of time playing and exercising, and as a result, it thrives best with a family that is just as active. Collies are shedding dogs, which means their coats need to be brushed on a regular basis to avoid tangles and mats from forming. Be prepared to invest some time in the upkeep of this gorgeous, flowing hair.


Toy, miniature, or standard, the poodle is a very intelligent breed of dog that does exceptionally well when it comes to picking up new tricks, achieving mastery in obedience training, and excelling in canine sports such as flyball and agility. In addition, poodles shed very little and are as close to hypoallergenic as it is possible for a dog to be. The poodle is a very friendly, active, and devoted dog that adores spending time with their family, having fun with their children, and competing with the other dogs in the dog park to see who can run the fastest around the track.


Do not be misled by the fact that they appear to have a constant frown or a scowl that expresses bewilderment on their faces; you should not be fooled by this expression. Bulldogs are extremely sociable, laid-back, and low-maintenance dogs that can make for dependable companions. They enjoy being close by your side and will follow you around wherever you go. They are receptive to instruction and flexible in their ability to live in a variety of settings, from the urban landscape to the rural countryside. Also, it is to the benefit of these dogs even if you are not the most active person in the world. They simply require light exercise, and they shouldn’t allow themselves to become overheated.


It is well known that Corgis are exceptionally friendly dogs that are also very intelligent and who adore spending time with their families. They were bred to be at attention so that they could be employed as herding, guard, and companion dogs, which may explain why they are always so focused on their human masters. They have a propensity for being quite amorous towards one another and demand a great deal of playtime. Do not automatically think that corgis are unable to run due to the fact that they have short legs; these dogs can be surprisingly quick and lively. On the other hand, they do shed quite a lot, which means that they need to be brushed on a regular basis in order to keep the amount of shed hair under control.

Breeds to Avoid

The vast majority of dogs are aware that they are dependent on their human companions for food, shelter, and love. On the other hand, some dogs appear to be less interested in interacting with people. A common misconception about Chows is that they are not particularly fond of being cuddled but will usually put up with it. Some breeds of dogs, such as basenjis and Afghan hounds, are extremely loyal to their owners but may not be friendly to others. Some breeds of dogs, such as shar-peis, Dobermans, and Rottweilers, are known to have strong protective and guarding instincts. These dogs may actively avoid strangers and even give them the impression that they are not welcome.

Be aware that the breed of a dog is not always an accurate indicator of its personality; every dog is an individual, so it is important to spend some time getting to know the dog before making any judgements about him.

If you locate a breed of dog that is friendly but you are the type of person who enjoys being outdoors and would want to go on hikes or jogs through the countryside with your friendly dog, you will need a dog that has a stride that is comparable to yours. Brachycephalic, sometimes known as “flat-faced” dogs, such as pugs, bulldogs, boxers, and Boston terriers, are not the best candidates for an extremely active lifestyle because of their facial structure. These canines are prone to getting overheated very rapidly.